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Planche livrée avec 4 ailerons 40 mm + visserie + PADS


Planche Nue 649€

PADS 179€

Planche complète 828 €






L'ASTRA est une évolution de l'Atmos qui se destine aux petits gararits légers ou les juniors. 


Très joueuse et puissante, elle offre un contrôle très précis pendant la prise de carre pour un pop et des sauts contrôlés.


Elle est concue pour surfer avec facilité


UTLTRA POLIVALENTE : Freeride, Surf, Big Air


Tailles (longueur x largeur : poids conseillé)


129 x 38 : Moins de 50 kg  DISPO 

132 x 39 : 40 à 60 kg             DISPO 
135 x 40 : 50 à 70 kg            DISPO

138 x 41 : 60 à 90 kg             DISPO


Ce que dit la marque :


We love the saying; dynamite comes in small packages. Playful yet powerful, the Astra is a bold all-terrain addition to our new-school Freeride quiver. Lighter weight riders often find it harder to control large, stiff boards designed for heavyweights. With this in mind, we set out to create a board with more responsive flex for lighter weight or smaller build riders - one that would deliver increased control in a range of conditions, greater comfort and softer landings, without sacrificing performance. Astra's smaller board length, narrower stance and basalt technology construction provides riders of all levels just the right amount of flex for controlled edging, boosts and loops. Its consistent, dependable rail grip gives you extra confidence to push boundaries as you load up for massive jumps. With its super-efficient bottom shape and rocker, the board feels fast through the water and flies upwind. The medium flex is dense enough to deliver clean and powerful pop, yet soft enough to forgive your knees and legs on harder landings. Sending it was never this easy.

ASTRA COMPLETE 2021 132/39

€828.00 Prix original
€414.00Prix promotionnel
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